Turn Savings into Investments

Bigwig teaches how to start with small.

How much money do I need to start investing with Bigwig?

You can start with $50 but before you invest in an ETF you should accumulate about $1000. Our transaction fees ($30) are a bit too high for you to make a reasonable return on that $50 and so are everyone else's. What you should do is start saving. Go to our Blog - Learning Centre for lots more info.

How do I get to $1000

So here is what you can do to get to $1,000. Your wealth accumulation is all about saving discipline, so with a Bigwig trading account you get a linked cash management account (CMA). Set up a regular (weekly) direct debit from your normal bank account (the one your salary goes into) into this new CMA. Put in whatever you can afford. And then use Bigwig to watch it grow. When you have $1000 in your CMA, you're on your way to being a Bigwig and we can help you accelerate your savings.

I've got $1000, what do I do now?

Use the $1k in your linked Bigwig CMA and invest it in a diversified Australian Shares ETF then keep saving and whenever you have $1000 in your CMA buy another ETF. Gradually build up to one of our model portfolios.