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Put your savings to work. Bigwig makes investing simple and convenient

Time to choose your Bigwig Portfolio

1. What sort of investor are you, 2. Choose a portfolio, 3. Add to cart, you are on your way.

Exchange Traded Funds

Bigwig is all about ETF's. An ETF is an "Exchange Traded Fund", is a bit like a managed fund but its traded on the stock exchange and the fees are generally a lot lower. An ETF lets you buy a portfolio of shares really cheaply and simply.

Building Your Portfolio

Step 1. Decide what sort of investor you are; Conservative, Balanced or Confident Step 2. Choose a model portfolio or create your own Step 3. Add to cart and you are on the way.

Gerneral Advice Warning

At Bigwig we are focussed on providing you with simple tools and the general advice you need to start investing. Our advice is based on sound investment principles but we haven't asked you a lot of questions so we don’t know your personal circumstances and we haven’t taken them into account. We provide only General, not Personal, advice.Think carefully about whether our suggestions are appropriate for you.

How it works

Open a savings account, and when you are ready to invest head to our investment "shop", add to cart and you are on your way.

What we do

Step 1. sign up to create your very own savings hub. Step 2. Transfer some money into your new account. Step 3. When you're ready choose a Bigwig model portfolio or create your own. Step 4. Add to cart and you are on your way.