Why Bigwig?

“A couple of years ago my daughter Laura came to me with a couple of thousand dollars and asked for some advice on how to invest it. I was distracted at the time and I ended up giving her some really poor advice. Ever since then I have been thinking of what would have been the best advice that I could have given her. The result is Bigwig and the advice is simple actually:
1. Save, $2000 is a good start but it wont change your life, even if well invested. So save what you can and be regular and disciplined about it.
2. Invest in diversified portfolios using ETF’s. They are very low cost, easy to get in and out of and they give you ownership and control.
3. Learn, not a Phd, but learn a bit about investing. It will make a huge difference in the long run and make it more fun along the way.

So that’s Bigwig, we help you Save. Invest. Explore. “ Jonathan

Who are we?

Jonathan Coultas

Jonathan is Bigwig's founder. He has been in financial services for 30 years in investment banking, stockbroking and regulation. Contact Jonathan at jc@bigwig.com.au


Brian is a director of IWM Advisors a financial planning business. He has 20 years experience building wealth for his clients. Contact Brian at brian@bigwig.com.au


Simon is a director of IWM Advisors a financial planning business. Simon makes dreams come true! Contact Simon at simon@bigwig.com.au

Enough about us - who are you?