Why Bigwig?

The best way to grow your wealth is to save and then, invest those savings to achieve your objectives in the most cost effective way. Bigwig is a simple platform to save and invest which minimises fees and leaves you in control.

We only offer Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) which are portfolios of shares or bonds designed to give you investment exposure in your chosen category. For instance the ETF called “A200” gives you an investment in the top 200 companies in Australia, but you only buy one share. The ETF called “IJR” gives you an investment in thousands of small companies in the USA all in one share. Or you can buy gold investments or property or chinese investments, there is lots of choice. ETF’s are easy to buy and sell and provide simple access to globally diversified investments.

Who are we?

Bigwig is brought to you by Accument Pty Ltd and Inauro Pty Ltd. Jonathan, Brian and Simon, the principals of Accument and Inauro have over 70 years combined experience providing financial advice to individuals and institutions. They set up Bigwig to provide high quality general investment advice to savers and investors who may otherwise not have visited a financial planner.

Jonathan Coultas

Jonathan is Bigwig's founder. He has been in financial services for 30 years in investment banking, stockbroking and regulation. Contact Jonathan at jc@bigwig.com.au


Brian is a director of IWM Advisors a financial planning business. He has 20 years experience building wealth for his clients. Contact Brian at brian@bigwig.com.au


Simon is a director of IWM Advisors a financial planning business. Simon makes dreams come true! Contact Simon at simon@bigwig.com.au